Developer's Proust Questionnaire

Marcel Proust
Marcel Proust

After finishing reading the Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust, I desperately craved to connect it with my job. It took me a while to realize that the best way to do that is to complete a developer's Proust questionnaire.

The questionnaire has one goal: capture time. We have long term thoughts that we consider defining our identity. But our relationship with those thoughts change through our lifetime. Proust wrote in Search of Lost Time to capture and make us wonder what we've been doing all these years. I suggest you try reading this wonderful book, although i admit it is particularly hard to read.

What do you have to do ? Simply answer the questionnaire. You'll look back to it In maybe 5, 10 or 15 years from now and i guarantee you that your older self will be very surprised how your younger self is (not) that stupid.

My developer's Proust questionnaire

Languages/environment you master Java, Ruby, Nodejs, Php
Framework you master Ruby on rails
Language you're interested in Rust, Elixir & Golang
Your favorite Guru Kent Beck
The Guru you despise Bob Martin
Your favorite Open source project Linux
Your favorite Design pattern Null Object Pattern
In the air technique you want to practice CQRS
Dream job Software architect in a small cooperative
Your favorite book Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests
The information website Ars Technica
The most memorable snippet of code
return object.isSomething() ? Boolean.TRUE : Boolean.FALSE;
The worst coding task Having to design user interface
Your favorite qualities in code Readability
Qualities you achieve in your code Testability
Editor you use Atom
Software company you admire Github
What convinced you to join your current company ? Being surrounded with talented people

If you have any suggestion or simply want to talk, you can tweet me @sadraskol.