Press review #3

Today's press review is about mostly Linux and system toolkit. It's a rather short and technical review, so without further a do, let's go into it.

Shell scripts matter: Bash is almost always unconsidered, this blog post learns you how to create better ones. I've been working with git hooks lately and this guide has been a great help!

ssh_config: This one is not really a press review, it's more a discovery i made while searching the way to bookmark ssh connection. For long I used the CTRL + R history functionnality of the terminal, but this time is over!

Manually Throttle the Bandwidth of a Linux Network Interface, Slow down your internet with tc, tc: Adding simulated network latency to your Linux server: not one, not two, but three article at once! They all cover the same subject: the utility tc for linux.

Elixir and IO Lists, Part 2: IO Lists in Phoenix: A very nice explanation of why Elixir is way faster than ruby with template rendering. You might want to read the part 1 if you don't know what IO lists are in Elixir.