Press review #4

This week's review is so diverse! From SQL WITH syntax to a list of good books, you'll find everything, even a critic of "Corporate Agile"

arpinum/awesome: I think it's important to share shortlists of books and this one seem pretty good!

#NoTDD - by Eric Gunnerson: many problems with TDD comes from the lack of design being done. This article tells how design needs to be emphasize when testing first.

Literate SQL: although I do not practice SQL daily, I find this syntax very interesting! Tell me if you use it in your requests.

Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps: This site gathers multiple version of progressive web apps. It's really an interesting starting point if you want to implement it for your own.

Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are terrible: the author tends to mix up Agile and its implementation in some companies. The article is worth for it's demonstration lacking of technical excellence hurts software companies.